Sunday, September 27, 2009

Roanoke, Virginia Commission

I began work on the 2 functional sculptures that will be installed in Roanoke's Highland Park.

I drew the design onto the 4,000 lb. block of Indiana Limestone with a china marker. I transferred the design by gridding a scale drawing.

I lifted the block onto the cart-and-rail system, so that it could be moved into the studio.

I cut the bottom flat with a diamond saw. I constantly checked my progress with a straight edge and level.

I cut off the extra stone around the outline of the design with the diamond saw.

The preformed sculpture was moved inside and stood up, using the gantry crane. I have begun to form some of the intertwining shapes using a smaller diamond saw.
This was the progress by the end of the week. You can see some of the basic shapes emerging from the block.

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Anonymous said...

HI !! My name is Jeffrey Campbell and I am currently serving as President for Old Southwest , the neighborhood in which Highland Park resides... I just wanted to say how very excited we are to be receiving your works of art !! Can't wait to see them installed !! Thank you, thank you !!