Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yew Dell Gardens Uninstall 2.0

We removed our sculptures that were in the second annual outdoor sculpture show at Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky.

I had agreed to load up the stone base for Raymond Graf's Lincoln bust, while we had the crane there.

Then we helped Matt Weir (2nd from left) load his stone sculpture.

Meg's 'Wolf and Pups' was next to be loaded up.

Nothing is easy (you don't wanna know).

Meg's "Miss Jessel" took the ride out.

Just like the installation, everything had to be moved in 2 batches, first loading up the crane and then moving them onto the semi trailer for the ride home.

It was a bit of a trick, to sneak under the limbs of this tree and retrieve the Vine Bench. Derrick, the crane operator, did a great job throughout the 12 hour day.

Meg was the one taking all these pictures, and she thought this was a humorous perspective.

Frankie Vessels (on the left) came up with this rigging technique to get the sculptures up off the ground. It's a lot easier than digging under the pieces to get the straps under them. Charlie Williams (in back) is placing a board under the slightly raised piece. Then we were able to safely use a 'basket' hitch to move the sculptures.

We had Meg's "Sea Lion" on a short leash.

Before we left Yew Dell Gardens, Meg snapped this picture of Klein Castle.

We brought everything back to the studio and unloaded. I will make deliveries next week for the pieces that sold. In this picture, Frankie and I are laughing because I said that I was between the sculptures so that they couldn't accidentally swing into one another. His reply was "Better to have a broken leg?" (guess you had to be there). Soon after this picture, the batteries in the camera went dead. So, we didn't have shots of moving 4 other large stones while the crane was at the studio. But you get the picture, another long, hard day of restless rocks.

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