Sunday, August 16, 2009

Installing Meg's Reading Girl

This last week, Meg and I installed the Reading Girl in the Charles City, Iowa central park.

Derrick of JBB, inc. loaded the sculpture onto the rented flat bed from Penske.

After making the 650 mile trip on Wednesday, we showed up at the park early on Thursday morning. I love the house in the background that is made from native Iowa limestone.

Doug Kamm, who is the owner of Kamm Excavating, donated his time and equipment to set the sculpture. He personally ran the crane during the installation.

We drew the attention of the kids at the daycare across the street.

The sculpture was safely set upon its concrete footer.

"How much for a stone Llama?" (not something that you see everyday).

Outdoor Designs, Inc. of Charles City did the brickwork and earthworks that went around the sculpture. In this picture, David has finished cutting the pavers with a chop saw, and has begun to lay the brick trim to match the existing paver work.

A pop-up shower gave everything a good soaking, but these guys toughed it out.

They laid a retaining wall with a cap, and bricks around the back. They had to hand cut many of the blocks, while taking great care that each block was level and carefully placed.

The earthworks were placed and compacted by hand. (Dan, on the right, is no doubt laughing at something that Shawn Davis, the owner of the company, has said. Shawn has a great sense of humor.)

Jeff Otto, owner of Otto Landscaping, planted the 100 plugs of purple flowering Vinca Minor. The plant is an evergreen, and will make a mat of greenery for her dress, and add about 4 inches when it is established.

There were a total of 4 sculptures that were installed this year, one for each corner of the park. This sculpture symbolizes Agriculture and Industry.

Continueing to move around the park in a clock-wise direction, we come to the sculpture that symbolizes Mainstreet.

The fourth sculpture is this intricate gateway made from antique tools and machinery parts.

Before leaving town, we took a walk along their riverfront where they have installed about 9 groupings of functional sculptures. For a town of their size, they are way ahead of many larger cities with their public art program. I hope that other Cities will follow their lead.

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