Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year & A New Sculpture Project

The weather finally came back up above the freezing mark, and I took advantage of it by starting a new project in a block of stone that was outdoors.
This block of Indiana Limestone measures 5-1/2 feet long (which will become the height) by 3 feet by 1-1/2 feet thick. I've transferred the design onto the block from a scale drawing of the design. I used the diamond blade on the 4 inch grinder to inscribe the lines.
This is the design as inscribed onto the other side. This sculpture is titled "Nexus", which is the connection, or bond, between members of a group. The block is lying on its side and needs to be stood upright. But, I removed waste stone from the outline of the design, to make it lighter and easier to handle. This is the view from the other side.
I've continued to define the main shapes, while it is lying on its side. I stood the roughed out sculpture upright using our crane truck.

This is the view of the front side at the end of the week. If the weather is reasonable, I'll continue work on this project. If it rains or goes subfreezing again, I'll retreat into the studio and continue carving on the big head.

2008 was a fairly decent year for us - I hope that this new year will be as good. This project is an exciting way to start off the year.

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