Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Cave Hollow

It's been VERY cold most of the week, with temperatures dropping below zero on a couple nights.However, it was warm enough on Monday to get the crane truck started and set the finished Alabama Marble sculpture outside. This is the B side of the marble sculpture "Falling Star". It measures 7 feet 9 inches high by 3 feet by 3 feet, and weighs approximately 1,600 lbs. Today, Meg and I hiked up to Big Cave Hollow in the Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area. We wanted to see if there were any icicles after the big freeze. You can see why it's called Big Cave Hollow. Meg is in the bottom of the photo, for scale. Some of the exposed Sandstone walls of the cliffs were eroded into wild, honeycombed shapes.

Getting into it. It's still possible to find green living things, even in the depth of winter. Meg explores the micro world with her camera. Close to the Edge.
Big Cave Hollow has a variety of overhanging rock ledges. It's one of our favorite places in Yellowbank.

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