Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

For the first official day of Winter, the temperature is in the teens with a brisk wind.
I haven't posted anything on this blog recently, because I've been busy polishing this marble "Falling Star". The weather has been too miserable to install the finished piece in the sculpture garden. There isn't room in the studio to stand the piece upright on its base, so there isn't much to see until it goes outside.
This picture was taken 11 years ago, when I was working in the studio in Ekron. This sculpture has been sitting around unfinished all this time. I moved it onto the cart-and-rail system and then into the shop recently.
I'm carving into the monumental scale head, covering the entire form (except for the face) with my signature style intertwining forms. This piece needs a title; I've considered Oberon and Thinking Man (as it looks like he has a lot on his mind). With the cold temperatures and icy conditions outside, it's nice to have something to work on inside the heated studio.

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