Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Transcend" installed in Lafayette, Indiana

Monday, October 27, I was able to permanently install my sculpture "Transcend" in downtown Lafayette, Indiana.

Hager Monument Company of Brandenburg, Kentucky provided the truck and driver to help me deliver and install the sculpture. We arrived at the site, 112 N. 3rd street, after a 225 mile drive from my studio.

The first task was to drill a hole in the center of the site, to accept the sculpture's pin. I'm using a square to make sure that the hole is perfectly vertical. A die grinder (next to the vacuum) makes 'key ways' in the walls of the hole, so that the epoxy will make a stronger , mechanical lock. The vacuum and a bottle brush help clean the hole of dust, for a better bond.

We unloaded the sculpture from the truck. Alvin Banks was the crane operator / driver for this installation. Alvin's real easy to get along with - that's a good thing, because we shared the 9 hour drive up and back. He's a veteran of a lot of stone installations, and that takes a lot of stress off me.

We set the sculpture down on boards and 'softeners' (pieces of old fire hose). Then, I retied the rigging so that the crane would pull the piece up.

We stood the sculpture upright. This is the front side, which will face the courthouse that is across the street. There are 2 other sculptures on the courthouse square. There is a stainless steel sculpture by Louisville sculptor David Caudill. The other is a bronze by a college professor from a local university.

The rigging was retied again, so that it would pick straight up. I mixed the monument-grade epoxy (so that the sculpture would stay where we left it).

A heavy coat of epoxy was spread evenly over the footer and stainless-steel pin.

The sculpture was lifted up and moved into position.

I helped it down over the pin, and tweaked it into final position.

Eileen Booth stands next to my newly installed sculpture. Eileen was my contact person and art director for this project. I enjoyed working with her; the entire project went very smoothly. I strongly encourage other sculptors to participate in the City of Lafayette's public art program.

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