Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Touch of Winter

The weather took a nasty turn this last week. It was cold, dark and wet - a taste of Kentucky winter. I worked throughout the week to finish the Temple Benches.

This is the Fire Bench, side A.

This is Side B of the Fire Bench. Meg thinks that this side is actually better, and should be the front. I'm of the same opinion.

This is a detail shot of the end of the Fire Bench.

This is a detail shot of the other end.

This is the finished Air Bench. I spent more time on it this week, to make some of the shapes more defined.

This is a detail shot of the textures of the Air Bench.

This is Side A of the Water Bench. I went back into it this week, as well. I added negative spaces at 2 of the corners. I also carved holes through two of the corners of the Fire Bench.

This is Side B of the Water Bench. Again, Meg and I think that this should be the front.

I will install these benches at the Temple in this coming week.

There was a gathering at Bright Foundry last night in honor of Creative Time, a New York based firm, "who is handling the future direction of Public Art for the City of Louisville". For the $50,000.00 fee that they got, you'd think they'd be the ones throwing the party.

It was my intention to go to the Foundry pour-n-party, but I flaked out. After working all week in the winter conditions, I wasn't up to the 3 hour trip to stand around in the cold. Meg went to the gathering without me, and she'll be posting pictures on her blog. The link to her blog is in the upper right hand column.

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