Monday, June 2, 2008

Yew Dell outdoor sculpture show installation

This weeks non-stop activity was finishing several sculptures and installing them at Yew Dell Gardens on Friday, May 29. All of the pictures that will follow were taken on Friday by Meg White.
The day began bright and early. The first task was to retrieve Meg's cougar from the sculpture garden. Derrick of Joe Bennett Backhoe Service, Inc. was the operator of the 32 ton crane truck.
Frankie Vessels (left) of Vessels Trucking had positioned his truck near the studio where we loaded the other four sculptures. I am positioning my sculpture "Moments" onto boards.
"Inspiration" was loaded next.
Skipping ahead a few steps, the truck was finally loaded.
Everything has to be firmly tied down for the 75 mile trip to the Gardens.
The cougar had to be power-washed before leaving the studio.
A huge snapping turtle (about 2 foot long) was crossing the highway in front of the studio as we left for Louisville. Meg took its picture before crossing her to the other side.
Meg's Cougar was the first piece that we set at Yew Dell Gardens. My Wave vessel was the next piece that we installed. Karla Drover of Yew Dell Gardens (far right) helped site all of the sculptures. We are installing "Moments" in this picture. I had to do a little site preparation before installing "Inspiration". We sited the large hand in a section of lawn on the far side of the Gardens. Meg's Dancer was the last piece that we installed on Friday. It found a good site with Klein's castle in the background. The show runs from June 7 to July 26 and there are many works by some of the region's best sculptors. It's worth checking out, if you get a chance.

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tori said...

Hi!!! This is Victoria. I like ur sculptures. So does my friend Cora.