Sunday, June 8, 2008

successful sculpture show @ Yew Dell Gardens

The highlight of this week was the opening of "Sculpture in the Dell" on Friday night between 5 - 8 p.m. The sculptures were a diverse collection that represented about 1/3 of the region's top sculptors, as well as works by emerging sculptors. The staff at Yew Dell did an outstanding job of creating the show - very well planned and executed. There was a huge attendance at the opening. Even though the temperatures exceeded 90 degrees, there was a cool breeze, shaded paths through the lush gardens and ample refreshments.

Sales were higher than expected for an opening night. I hope to have a picture soon for the 1st piece that sold, which was a colorful ceramic "Garden Totem" created by a group of art students from Oldham County High School.

Karen Terhune sold this Indiana Limestone Sculpture entitled "Mousetrap".

The gardeners at Yew Dell made a beautiful plant arrangement in this sculptural planter by Craig Kaviar. It was titled "Garden Envy", made from forged iron and concrete. It sold during the opening as well.

Meg sold this Indiana Limestone sculpture of "Ophelia", and received a commission on a second version.

I sold this "Solar Flare" bird feeder.
I also sold this limestone and TN pink marble sculpture "Inspiration".

The equation changed radically, when Meg sold this monumental scale "Cougar" drinking from a cave spring.

I hope to have better quality photos and more sales to post here soon.

On a tip from Larry Severs, who is a conservation officer with Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area, we took a hike from our studio on the hill top and went down to an old farm that used to go by the name of "Bluegrass". This is the view of the Ohio River from Jimmy Speaks cabin near the old farm. This little building (corn crib?) is about all that remains of the old farm.

A Black Vulture has been using the secluded site for raising a single chick every year. This is as cute as they get.

Wednesday evening, a mother Racoon led her 2 babies into the house. (I guess that I had not properly latched the front door) (how about that eye shine!).

There's nothing unusual about Racoon's sneaking into our house and helping themselves to the cat food. It was real strange when the babies settled in behind the couch and the mom left.

After about an hour, she came back, gathered them up and they went on their way. No one likes a neighbor who comes into your house without knocking, helps themselves to a snack and then dumps the kids on you for free babysitting.

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