Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kentucky at its best

The weather has been exceptionally great this week. I was able to get in a full week's work to finish this stone sculpture entitled "Moments".
The sculpture came out better than expected, but it took a lot more time than originally planned.
When I say "Kentucky at its best", I'm referring to the abundance of flowering trees like redbud and dogwood which are at their peak. The wildflowers are out and the leaves are coming out on the trees. You can feel Life returning from its winter sleep. It's hard to describe, you just have to experience it!
We had time to go exploring a little, as well as putting in full time in the studio. Meg and I went to Otter Creek Park because I wanted to take a look at this old stone furnace. It was built and used in the 1800's. Someone told me it was a lime kiln, but I'm of the opinion that it was an iron smelter.
Meg showed me this cave that she found when she and her sister Liz hiked the Otter Creek Trail around the park (8 miles). She can feel the blast of cold air coming up from the cavern.

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