Saturday, March 22, 2008


There has been significant progress on the Green Bay commission during this 1st week of spring.

I have carved in the currents on one side, however, they still need finishing. I stood the piece up with the in-studio gantry crane. Then, I moved the rail cart outside in order to use the water-cooled hydraulic chainsaw to remove the small piece in the upper curve. I have ground the
upper curve into its basic form.

It looks like I've made a lot of progress...until you walk around to the other side.

Lots of rain fell this week adding to the flooding problem. When the sun made a brief appearance, Meg and I took a trip in our canoe up Yellowbank Creek. Yellowbank wraps around our property - actually it's covering it, right now. Photo by Meg White.

The high water allowed us to travel into places outside the normal channel. Photo by Meg White.

This could be 'modern art' - title it "Sycamore Bark". Photo by Meg White.

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