Sunday, March 30, 2008

"...bustle in your hedgerow..."

The Green Bay sculpture commission proceeds at a vigorous pace.
The second side of the sculpture was preformed by removing excess material where the intertwining forms will be carved.
The pattern was transferred onto the side using a gridded scale drawing. Carving has begun on the currents.

The sculpture was laid on its side using the in-studio gantry crane. This makes it much easier to carve the forms. By the end of the week, most of the current forms have been roughed in. There has been some work on the bottom circular form, as well.

There wasn't a lot of extra time to do anything fun this week. The crane truck was fixed and there was a lot of 'catch-up' work to do. However, it's always a good idea to 'stop and smell the roses' from time to time. There are no roses in march, but the 1st wildflowers have made their appearance. This is a small patch of bloodroot in bloom.

Cutleaf dogwort


A trout Lilly pushes its way up thru one of last years leaves.


J Short said...

I think it's amazing what you can make out of a simple stone. I'm so amazed. I've seen stone statues of course, but I've never seen the progress of how one goes about it. I just stumbled on your blog by clicking next blog and was really interested in reading. Do you just do stone or do you do wood or metal as well? Anyways, you're work is terrific. Have a great day!

don lawler said...

I only work in stone, which is an extension of my lifelong love of rocks - all types of rocks. I was hoping that people would find the process as interesting as the finished work. possibly, it will encourage someone to give it a try - Misery loves company ;)