Sunday, March 2, 2008


This blog will be an interactive format to post material beyond the content on our website I hope that the blog will help people see what is involved in pursuing a full time sculpture career. I want to use this blog to show the process of creating monumental scale stone sculptures. I would also like to post material that will illustrate the unique qualities of the natural environment that surrounds my living and work space. I hope that you find the content interesting.

Shown at left is a recently completed sculpture that has been sold to a private collector in Jupiter, Florida. The sculpture is waiting to be crated and shipped. It is entitled "Affinity", made from Indiana Limestone and measures approximately 6'H x 3' x 3' and weighs 2,500 lbs.

Lately, production at the studio has been intermittent because of two ice storms. The picture at the left is part of the 1/2 mile drive back to the studio. There was about 2 inches of snow and about an inch of ice. I had to walk in and back out from the studio for several days. At one point, a large cedar fell across the road from the weight of the ice. A neighbor was nice enough to use his tractor to push it out of the way. It actually wasn't too bad walking back and forth thru the ice-covered trees. It was very quiet and peaceful and if the sun came out, there was a lot of prism colors refracting thru the ice. Photo by Meg White.

An ice storm is a good time to do a little exploring. We found this strange icicle that looked like an arm with a hand. Meg took this photo and did a photoshop flip to add the mirror image.

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