Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wrapping Up August

August is about to end - and I realized that I hadn't posted anything...
 I spend what time that I can on my monumental stone hands.  This is what the hands looked like a couple months ago...
 ...and this is what they looked like about 1 month ago...
 ...and this is how they look today.  Slow progress because it's been too hot to work out in the sun most days.
 In the afternoons, I'd go to the shade in the studio building and turn on a 4' fan.  I've been working on fitting a base to this sculpture, "Newborn Crescent".  You can see the preformed block with the drill holes along the side.
 This is what that base looks like now.  I should be finishing it soon.  Also, I've been playing with a new "action" camera and uploading short, experimental time lapse clips onto You Tube (under my name, Don Lawler).  Check them out.
 I was lucky this month that I had some indoor work beside the air conditioner.  I am a finalist for a public art opportunity in Frankfort.  Here, I'm taking apart the mold so that I can make a plaster cast of the model.
 Yesterday, Meg and I hand-delivered the finished model to Frankfort.  We went to the Old State Capitol after the delivery.  I was hoping to show Meg the awesome self-supporting staircase in KY River Marble - unfortunately, it was all locked up.
 We were still able to check out the outside which is completely covered in the 2 varieties of KY River Marble.  The columns are carved from the 'desert camo' looking Oregon Dolomite.  Almost 200 years old and the fluting and column scrolls are still crisp and sharp.
 The flinty, crystal-filled wormholes of the Tyrone Dolomite probably is unimpressive to most people, but I know how extremely difficult it was to work these blocks.  Those folks in the 1820's weren't afraid of work.
...restful rocks...

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