Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wrapping Up April

Here's the highlights for the 2nd half of April:
 I was invited to exhibit a piece in the Berea Arts Council's show called "Sticks and Stones".  It opened on Friday, April 22 and runs through May 21.  They're located in "Old Town"  - and it was the first time that I'd been in that part of Berea.
 I personally delivered this piece on Monday April 18th.   This functional sculpture in Indiana Limestone is called "Updraft".
 Meanwhile, in the studio, work continued on the Cincinnati Virgin Mary.
 I made these 3 stone studies to freshen up on female faces before cutting into the large Virgin sculpture.  I'm pretty happy with the middle piece; she is either "Minerva" or "Valkyrie Maiden" (haven't decided which, yet).  I'd like to re-do her with improvements in details such as her hair - and on a much larger scale.
 April 25, Meg and I made the trip to Victor Oolitic stone quarry near Bloomington, Indiana to buy some stone.
 Way off in the distance, the camera was able to zoom in on them about to turn a ledge.
 The stone with the smiley face is on Meg's "wish list".  It weighs 70,000 lbs. and the one on top of it is a close match.  They're 5' x 5' x 17' !!!
I usually like to end my posts with some off-the-wall nature picture.  These are "Mammatus" clouds that formed over the studio on Wednesday, April 27.  This was right before some serious heavy weather that followed.

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