Friday, April 1, 2016

Getting A Lift

Wednesday, March 30, Dereck Sheroan brought out the 23 ton crane from JBB, Inc. of Hardinsburg to do some heavy lifting for us.
 Meg took this picture of "the girls" watching us hook up one of my sculptures.
 We moved this piece out into the sculpture garden.  It has had a title change from "Testing The Waters" to "Stepping Out".  A life-size sculpture by any other name...
 We also moved and stood up this beautiful 6,600 lb. piece of Georgia Pink Marble.
 Underneath the rock we found this. The spiral pattern is pretty different for Mud Daubers.
 Dereck made and gave us this gizmo.  We use it to reach under rocks and pull the slings through.  The handle is slightly angled so that you don't drag your knuckles across gravel.  It works like a charm!!!
 Also, I finished and set out my "Ghost Dancers" this week. 
 It's 3'-1/2' feet high and carved from Indiana Limestone.
 I made the piece because there were 2 other house on the studio property where couples lived out there lives (and, of course, the Indians lived here before all of us).  One house was back in the 1800's and another was in the early 1900's.  We all have our time to dance for a while...and then the song is over.
...and speaking of our own little worlds...Meg snapped this picture of a micro-environment.

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