Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kyana Rock Show 2015

November 20,21 and 22 was the Annual Mineral, Gem and Fossil Show hosted by the Kyana Geological Society at Camp Crestwood.
 There were quite a few dealers set up selling minerals, fossils, gems and finished jewelry.  We know many of these dealers and club members on a personal basis and it's great to see them all again.  ....and, of course, lots of rocks...
 ...and more pretty rocks.
 There are other things that catch my attention besides rocks...
 Here's a shameless plug for the BBQ vendor.  You should see how much chicken you get for $3 - or rib tips for $5!
 Meg has a great eye - she found these pyrite crystals in a nest of Peruvian quartz (that I totally missed).
This was my favorite purchase of the day - Selenite Desert Roses from Mexico.
The new venue for the Kyana show is a little hard to find, but it's worth the trip if you like Earth's natural treasures.

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