Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chasing the Shade

It's started to warm up...
 and it's no longer fun working out in the direct sunlight.
 So, with the morning sun in the east, I start work on the west side of the building.
 I'm trying to finish up my Comet Bench.
 After lunch, I switch over to the "Leafy Bench" which is then in the shade on the north side of the building.

 Derby Day, Meg and I went exploring.  First stop was the Cannelton roadcut where we collected fossils.  Meg found this Lepidodendron (a giant fern-leafed tree with scaly bark); it's covered with a coal surface. 
This is one of the Calamites, which is segmented like bamboo.
 We spent most of our time hiking in the woods of southern Indiana.  This is a White Trillium; very different from the red variety that we see around Yellowbank.
Paw Paw Blossom.
(photo Meg White)
There's some cool places to be found - if you just look.
(photo Meg White)

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