Friday, January 31, 2014

Monk Sculpture

Temperatures have stayed subfreezing for the remainder of January,
so I started another indoor project.
 I wanted to improve the head portion from the last effort.  I found an old plastic skull model and traced the outline of sections onto a piece of foam core.
 I used these foam core patterns to cut sections from 2" thick foam insulation.
 I attached the 3 pieces of the skull together with wooden skewers.  The other piece will become the jaw.
 Using the plastic model as reference, I carved the foam into the shape of a skull.
 In my first concrete project, I learned the hard way that concrete didn't want to stick to foam.  So, I added scrap pieces of drywall lathe and tied them down with fencing wire.
 It's a lot easier to add the concrete to a horizontal surface.  With the face lying down, I could also work on it from different angles - which helps a lot.
 While the face dried, I began the armature for the body.  I had kept a piece of armored electric cable casing from an electric project the week before - it made a great armature for the rope belt.
 I started adding concrete to weight the piece down before going too high with the armature.  I added a little "Contrapposto" to make it more life-like.
 I added the screen armature for the arms, the hood and a goblet.
 This is the nearly finished piece.  He's life-size (...and seemingly pretty happy about what is in his 'Holy Grail'...)
This is the back view.  You can see that I've got a warm fire going on these cold, cold days.

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