Sunday, January 12, 2014


The temperatures have still been too cold to work outside (comfortably), so I've continued work indoors on my concrete girl.
 The temperatures on Monday only topped out at 0 degrees.  The extreme cold made these huge ice crystals.  The largest is about 2 inches long (larger than shown).
 I've basically finished this life-size sculpture - my first concrete piece.
 Moving around the piece...this is her backside...
 ...and her left side...
 I haven't totally settled on a title, but for now, I'm calling it "Invocation".  After she thoroughly dries, I'll try out some colors - I plan on making some samples on which to experiment, before making changes to the sculpture.
 I've already started to think about the next life-sized concrete figure.  This is the basic composition; she'll have a chalice in her raised hands and her lower half will be (more or less) covered by a sarong, knotted above her left thigh.
This is the start on the galvanized screen armature.  I am using a pipe armature for additional support until the concrete can hold the piece up on its own.  Actually, I've got some home improvements that I need to do this next week - some painting and electrical work that I've been putting off.  If the weather breaks after that, I really should return to the stone studio.  So, ...I'm not sure when (or if ) this piece will ever come to fruition. We shall see...We shall see.

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