Saturday, August 3, 2013

Berea Bench Installation and Indian Fort Exploration

Friday, I was scheduled to deliver and install a bench that had been sold from the garden shop at Yew Dell Gardens to a couple who lived in Berea.
 The bench was chosen as a memorial for the wife's mother - to be sited in their private garden.  I was honored that they chose my work for this purpose.
 This is a top view of the bench that is titled "Pathways" and is carved from Indiana Limestone.  It has stippled textures on the 'pathways' which are in complement to the polished outer forms.
 After the installation, we went to the Indian Fort Amphitheatre which is the location of an annual art fair. (I was a participating artist in 1990 - seems like another life-time ago....)  A trail leads up from the Amphitheatre to "Indian Fort".  I'm sure that the Hopewell culture used the site (as the sign suggests), but that's only a small part of the story behind this place...I was drawn to this location because of a recent obsession with hilltop fortifications that have (or had) dry-laid stone walls.  Indians in this region didn't use dry-laid stone construction techniques.  So, who else lived up here?
 It's a beautiful wooded area to explore.  I love this image that Meg took of this Puffball nestled in Lichen and ferns.
 After a steep, uphill trek, you'll come to this breath-taking vista.
 You have to watch your step up there.
 We found that we could climb down one of those crevasses.  Meg took off her sandals, and trusted in her bare feet for the climb down.
 Some of the sandstone cliffs have these pure, white quartz pebbles imbedded throughout.
 There are also weird, eroded shapes to be found.
 It's easy to let your imagination run wild...
 We'd heard that there were "tunnels" as part of the fortification's features.  (we didn't find anything manmade, though)
 We eventually made our way around the base of the cliff to a big rock shelter that has a natural chimney in the ceiling.
There's lots to check out - I totally recommend a day trip to Indian Fort in Berea.  I know that I'll be back...

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