Monday, April 29, 2013

Bird Bath Installation and John Hartford Pre-Party

On Friday, April 26, Meg and I went to Yew Dell Gardens to pick up a bird bath that they had sold for me.
 I delivered and installed it into a private garden behind a home in Middletown.  The intimate space was extremely well designed with an ample use of natural stone.
 My bird bath found a good home - appearing to spring up naturally, out of the ivy.
 While in town, we went over to the Burkhart Company for the John Hartford Memorial Pre-party. There were several live bands that played in the large space of the custom cabinet business owned by Tom Burkhart:   Whiskey Bent Valley Boys, 220 Breakers, Dave McCool, Steve & the Installers and The Ebony "Cat House" Band.
 An unexpected treat was to see the set up in the basement where a friend of Tom's was making custom guitars and bass guitars from old whiskey barrels.  You can see the preforms of the guitar bodies in this picture.  I was told that the dense wood made for a deep bass sound in the finished instruments.
 Meg and I wondered into the attic, too.  This huge building is on the historic register, having been built around 1880.
It was used as a factory for making burlap sacks and bags.  This is an "artifact" from those long-ago days.
(all photos copyright Meg White 2013)

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