Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seedling to be installed in Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden

The weather has been abysmal for weeks now.  Spring is late in coming this year...and snow is expected tonight.
 The greatest news is the impending acquisition of the monumental Georgia Pink Marble sculpture "Seedling" to be installed in the Robert T. Webb sculpture garden in  Dalton, Georgia.
I'm also happy to announce that the "River Boat Bench" will be featured in the "Art on the River" Temporary Public Art show in Dubuque, Iowa.
The small limestone sculpture "Thank You" was acquired while in the ReVision art show in Louisville, Kentucky.
Recently, a crane lifted the sculpture-in-progress "Ecliptic" upright.
I wanted to make "Honorable Mention" of some recent purchases.  This is a 10 guage 100 foot extension cord by Yellow Jacket (bought from  While it's an expensive investment, it supplies adequate amperage to large tools, like grinders and drills.  So many tools in the past have armatures burned up from using regular 100 foot extension cords (which are usually made with the lighter 14 guage wire).
I am VERY happy with the Howard Leight "Sync" headphones and the Sansa "SanDisk" Mp3 player (also from Amazon).  The headphones block out the sound of the tools, and the music gets me into 'the zone' quicker, and keeps me working longer.  I drilled a small hole in an Altoids box, fit the cord through it and filled the hole with a small amount of silicone to keep the dust away from the player.  The altoids box fits in my pocket, I slide the cord up through my shirt and plug it back into the headphones.
I end this week's post with the comparison of the "Medicine Wheel" earthworks in Kentucky (across the river from Portsmouth, OH) with the diagram on Quantum Atom Theory.  I'm not suggesting that there is any connection; it's just for your entertainment.  No one knows the purpose of the earthworks - it wasn't used for burials, fortification or habitation.  Yet, it was certainly intended to be viewed from high above, like our modern 'crop circles'.

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