Monday, November 12, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain gives off light that can be seen from far away. It must move on to new fuel...or the spark will die...
I'm not sure if I'm turning over a new leaf...but, here's a new functional sculpture that I made in the shape of a leaf with its stem curved in upon itself.
Here is how the Swan Vase turned out (see the older post below for the in-progress image). It was pinned to a base of Virginia Steatite.
...and this is the final picture of the Swan Urn.
An idea starts with a sketch...
...then, you find a suitable piece of stone (in this case, it weighs 650 lbs.)
After a few days of focused effort...the final result: "Wave Urn", Indiana Limestone, 22" high x 17" in diameter, 250 lbs.
...and...full cycle. I am ending this week's post with this image of a smile-like "sun dog" (refracted light through atmospherically suspended ice particles).. I think that it is great contrast to the first image: daylight from night, and fire to ice...

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