Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Exodus" Moved

Monday, November 19 was the appointed day to move my functional sculpture "Exodus".
Mike Emerson, an employee of the sculpture's owner, is helping me to determine the exact position for setting the piece.
His co-worker, Ryan, gave the site a thorough cleaning.
I rigged the sculpture and prepared it to be lifted by a 23 ton crane.
It took every bit of boom that the crane had to reach the site.
Dereck Sheroan from JBB, Inc. of Hardinsburg flew the bench through the trees and over to the site
After setting the bench safely on some boards near the site, I mixed up and laid a bed of mortar (while Dereck and Mike watch).
Mike and I set the bench onto the fresh mortar bed.
It wasn't quite level on the first try, but we got it perfect on the second attempt.
...and here is the functional sculpture in its new home.

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