Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Felicity" installed at Floydsburg Cemetery

Wednesday, August 15th was the appointed day to install my granite sculpture "Felicity" as part of the Merhoff memorial at Floydsburg Cemetery near Crestwood, Kentucky.
Charlestown Monument Company supplied the lettered base and a crane truck, with Everett as the truck driver / crane operator, who would help me set the monument. I could work with Everett every day. He anticipated every move, and showed me a trick or two.
After making the 70 mile trip to the cemetery, Everett moved the truck into position. I am talking to the main grounds keeper (in red shirt), who made the footer custom to my specifications. It was a little different from regular footers, in that I wanted it raised above grade a little. He did a perfect job.
We set the base which is made in matching Vermont Granite.
I am pulling out the boards while Everett holds the base up with the pry bar. We use setting compound to create a water-tight seal between the base and the footer.
Next, I drilled a hole to accept the 3/4" stainless steel pin that will hold the sculpture in place.
I mixed monument-grade epoxy, added it to pin, put a ring of setting compound around the hole and guided it into place while Everett slowly lowered the sculpture.
This is the final view of the front after Everett cleaned up the setting compound and added lead wedges.
This is the final view of the back.
Always on the lookout for 'alternate ways of seeing things', Meg snapped this shot. (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White)

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