Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kentucky Stonehenge

On my birthday (June 15), Meg and I went to see Kentucky Stonehenge in Munfordfordville.
After taking the main exit off I-65, travel east on the main street and look for this small sign. It is located on the south side of the road.
This 1/3 scale replica was created by Chester Fryer, a former Mayor, Magistrate and business owner of Munfordsville. It is located on his private property, but he is happy to have people check out his creations. We had the pleasure of talking to him in person - he's a very interesting man.
Inside the stone circle is a center stone with orientation marks. It is aligned for soltices, like the real stonehenge.
As you walk around his property, you can discover many huge and interesting stone installations.
On an adjacent lot is a 13 foot high stone cross and a couple stone tablets with the 10 Commandments. Mr. Fryer said that the Christian installations receive a lot less attention than the pagan stone circle. I thought that was interesting, considering that we're in the heart of the Bible Belt.
There were a number of large, naturally sculptured stones.
Across the road from Stonehenge is a huge lot that he calls "Cannon Hill".
There are a few carved stone cannons to check out. Overall, it was a fun experience. It inspires us to create large stone installations on the studio property. People love big rocks - it's an instinctual reaction. (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White)

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artistatexit0 said...

Happy belated birthday Don! That Kentucky Stonehenge place looks kind of interesting!