Saturday, June 30, 2012

Exposure and a trip to Bloomington

There was this wedge-shaped scrap of Indiana Limestone left over from making a base for a birdbath. After staring at it for a long time, an idea came to me.
I made the bottom flat, stood it up and made a half of a lens shape. I drew lines onto the preform in a gentle geometric progression.
I put a bush texture on a portion of the piece, to make it look like an inner shape that is revealed after a protective shield has been retracted.
This is the final form. It is entitled "Exposure" and measures 40" wide by 21" high by 12" thick. The concept is about facing the fear of success / failure when you try to do something new. It's exactly that fear that keeps most people from achieving their full potential.
The sculpture is intended as a crown element on an earthen berm. This isn't the best computer-generated image of a grass covered mound, but you get the idea.
Friday, June 22, Meg and I took off work and went to the Bloomington, Indiana Rock and Mineral show. Lots of great stuff to see.
On the way home, Meg wanted to check out Milltown. Supposedly, there was a house for sale for $6,000.00. We didn't find the house, but we saw this old ruin - I'm guessing an old iron furnace from the civil war era?
Taking state highway 64, we came across this old underground quarry.
As we looked for a place to eat in downtown Corydon, we came upon a band concert on the lawn of the old state capital. The life-size bronze of Governor O'Bannon by Raymond Graf listened in. (photos 2012 Meg White)

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