Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stone Bench work continues

The weather has been moderately warm this week, and work on the new functional sculpture commission has continued at a brisk pace.

I used the 4 inch grinder with a diamond blade to begin forming in some of the swirling sculptural elements.

I moved around to the south end of the bench and began forming in shapes.

Then, I started using an air hammer to further refine these shapes.

This is the north end, at the start of the week...

This is how it looks now (what a difference a week makes!).

Other news...we got gutters put up on the studio...

...and none too soon. It's been raining heavy at times this week. This is a portion of the 1/2 mile drive back to the studio.

A little further up the drive - a rain deer.

...and something it left behind - a deer hair mustache. (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White.)

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