Sunday, February 19, 2012

carving a bench and freezing fog

The week started out pretty cold, with about an inch of snow on Valentines Day.

Work on the bench continued unabated. I flipped the bench back up onto its feet after finishing the carving on the bottom.

The top and sides were still roughly formed.

I honed them into their proper shapes using a diamond blade on a 9" Bosch grinder.

Then, I realized that finishing up the carving on the vine shapes would be easier if it was back onto its side. (up, down, up, down). I sanded the bottom of the feet, and the bottom and sides of the geometric parts with a 36 grit sander. I will finish them with an 80 grit pass, then 120, 240 and a final pass with 400 grit. This will bring out the true color of the stone.

As I put the final touches on the vines, I refined the ends and created these negative spaces, to add visual interest.

Friday, we had a freezing fog. Meg went out early with the camera and caught these images. They are not trimmed or enhanced by photoshop - just good straight shooting by a trained eye. Check them out!

The sun....far, far away (roughly 95 million miles, I'm told).

The foggy sun reflected in Yellow Bank Creek, between our (not so yellow) bank and our island.

Frosty brrrss! (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White).

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