Monday, January 23, 2012

mold work finished and trip to Carmel

All the work on the Tree of Life commission is basically finished, and the molds are now ready to ship to the foundry.

I wanted to add reinforcing to the large plaster mother mold for the tree branches. I used some aluminum driveway marker stakes (after using a bolt cutter to remove the reflector). They bend to the contours of the mold and the twists give something for the plaster to grab. We embedded them into the plaster mold with another layer of plaster.

Then, I trimmed the edges of the plaster mother mold with a chisel and carefully removed the plaster mother molds.

We had to cut out branches as we divided the rubber molds from the clay pattern. It was the only way to cut apart the rubber in the negative spaces between the intertwining branches.

We finally got the rubber molds separated, and placed them back into the mother mold.

These are the molds for the root sections.

Then, I built a crate...

...and gathered padding to cushion the molds for the ride across the Great Plains inside a freight truck.

I had a template made from 3/16" steel plate for the granite company to use in cutting the notch that the bronze tree will fit into. I wish that I had taken a camera with me to Ward Forging of New Albany, Indiana. They used these huge steel rollers to precision bend the steel plate (would have made a great photo...).

Now...on a personal note...
Saturday, we went to the residence of Lindsay and Will Arvin for a family gathering. This is Lindsay's mom, Emily, who is Meg's niece.

Will recommended that we try out Bazbeaux Pizza in downtown Carmel, Indiana. In my opinion, that's the best pizza that I've ever had - good call, Will!

Then, he led the way down the street to Evan Lurie Art Gallery. Check out these cast stainless steel door handles.

The work in the gallery (and the space) was top quality. I was particularly impressed with the paintings of Alexi Torres. Carmel, Indiana has a lot going for itself - check it out if you get the chance. (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White).

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