Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trip to Art Castings of Colorado

This has been a very busy week! We rented a truck from Penske and went across the Great Plains to get Meg's bronze sculpture for the Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute,Indiana.

Meg had designed a pyramidal base of polished black granite for the sculpture, made by Bellcomb (formerly Stonwurks) of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The finished base was shipped to Art Castings before we got there. To my left is Ken, and to my right is Jeanne. They are just 2 of the many great folks at Art Castings. These people are very experienced - I can't say enough about the quality of the crew at Art Castings. They have a great balance between having the discipline to get things done, yet taking the time to see that the customer is completely satisfied.

This is the bronze portion of the sculpture. We looked it over very carefully before the final sand blasting, and it was 'right as rain'.

After the bronze was blasted, they applied the patina. This is Nate and Chad heating the bronze before applying the finish.

This is the finished bronze.

They fed the wires through the sculpture. Then, they assembled the whole thing together.

This is the complete sculpture, with the light turned on. It was spectacular to see this piece come together.

We carefully disassembled the sculpture and began to load everything into the truck.

The only thing left to do, at this point, was to make the 1,250 mile drive home. All in a week's work.


artistatexit0 said...

Well done everybody...this piece looks great on its base with the light on. Can't wait to see other images of this one!

don lawler said...

Then, check back in next Sunday after the installation on June 11.