Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meg's Grizzly Bear Installation

It was finally time to install Meg's Bear sculpture. On Derby day, we rolled the bears outside where Meg carefully looked over everything in the sunlight. Then, we power washed them, let them dry for a couple days and sprayed on a breathable sealer. The brand name says it all.

Tuesday morning, a 23 ton crane came from JBB inc. of Hardinsburg. Dereck Sheroan was our operator. He is helping me to put on 2 safety slings at the bottom to keep the main slings from slipping off the rounded bottom of the sculpture. Dereck is our operator of choice. He is extra careful with our work and experienced beyond his years.
The Bears were commissioned by Dr. Steve and Mary Ann Pollard. They came out to the studio to watch the load up, while their son, Charlie, video documented the whole process.

We loaded the sculpture onto the back of the brand new crane. This was its 2nd lift, ever. The bears were rigged a little off balance on purpose, to keep the slings from applying pressure to the raised hind foot of the mother bear (the foot near my hand). We couldn't take a chance on breaking this piece - better safe than sorry.

The bears made their way to Louisville, with our car and the Pollard family following.

We arrived at the new Kosair Children's hospital. Then, we set up the crane, rigged the sculpture and began the lift.

The 6,000 lb. sculpture was lifted over the artistic fence that surrounds the children's play area. The sculpture is headed for the concrete pad that had been prepared ahead of time.

We set the sculpture on boards, and took off the 'basket' hitch. Then, we used a 'choker' hitch (shown) to lift one end, take out a board, then repeat the process on the other end, to get the other board out.

Dr. Pollard checks out the finished sculpture in its new home. (all photos on this post copyright Meg White)


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Wow! Megs sculpture is really beautiful. Nice that so many kids will be able to join it :). I really really like that bears!

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