Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am making memorials.

I made this small "thumbnail" clay sketch at the beginning of last week. It is a sculptural vessel or vase form that shows a couple holding hands and joined at the base with their heads inclined toward each other. It is tentatively titled "Together".

This is the progress on that design by the end of last week. It has a heart-shaped composition and the color of the stone works with the imagery. There is still some work to do before it is finished. It is carved from North Carolina pink granite and measures approximately 16" high by 12" wide by 8" thick. In the back ground is the Georgia grey granite hand that has been in progress for months.

I made this clay model back in the freezing days of January. It is a re-do of an old piece that I gave away as a gift.

I finished this sculpture, based on that clay design, by the end of this week. It is titled "watching over you", carved from Georgia 'Cherokee' white marble and measures 24" high by 11" wide by 5" thick (without the base).

A jet trail with teeth. (photo Meg White)

Citrus ala Dali. (photo Meg White)

Our roof top. (photo Meg White)

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