Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finished Life-sized Limestone Sculpture

This is the original stone maquette that I made in 2006, and gave away as a wedding present.

This is the clay model that I made in January.

This is the finished life-sized version.

This is her front view...

...and this is her left side.

The weather was great today, so we went for a walk down by the Ohio River.

Taking nothing but a picture, and leaving nothing but ...footprints!?!

Check out this doodle by an insect. (photo Meg White)

...and speaking of insects...what's this? (photo Meg White)

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RJ said...

Love the lifesize version!! I was thinking, it'd be neat to place this near some water (pool, very small pond, etc). It would look like she's "testing the water".