Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roanoke Benches Installed

After months of delay because of bad weather, the Roanoke Benches were successfully installed in Highland Park on Monday April 19. Susan Jennings, the Arts and Culture Coordinator for the City of Roanoke, took the photos for most of this posting.

Sunday, I made the 10 hour drive with the sculptures, from the studio in Stephensport, Kentucky to the home of Frank and Primrose Eastburn in Roanoke. The Eastburn's graciously invited me to stay at their home, as we had a mutual friend in the late Don Lanham, a stone sculptor from Louisville. As fate would have it, the installation was scheduled on Don's birthday.

Frank rode over to the park with me, and helped me get set up for the installation. Holes were drilled into the pre-installed concrete footers for the stainless steel sculpture pins.

The City donated the use of their crane, which was operated by Robert. Wayne (in yellow), another City employee, was immensely helpful during the process. We set the bases first.

We rigged up the 3,000 lb. "Strength", so that it could be lifted by the crane.

It went right into place - no problem.

"Caring" in the air (and truck in the air).

The epoxy is mixed...

...and the sculpture set in place.

This is "Strength" in its new home.

The installation is complete with "Caring". I'm very pleased to have these pieces become part of the permanent public art collection of the City of Roanoke!


artistatexit0 said...

Congrats Don, they look great! I remember Lanham, he was a talented artist and a nice guy too. His bone carvings were wonderful.

RJ said...

looks completely awesome. that has to feel good seeing your work installed. it sure is fun to look at the pictures.