Sunday, August 17, 2008

Signed, Sealed and Delivering

The main effort for this week was preparing my stone sculpture "Release" for its 2500 mile journey to Oak Harbor, Washington. Monday was spent fussing over minor details that showed up when the piece was power washed. After a second washing, it was signed and then sealed with a breathable sealant.

The first task of building the crate, involved building a strong base that would withstand the weight and the stresses of shipping.

A 1 inch hole was drilled into the wood cribbing to accept the sculpture pin. It will prevent the piece from moving within the crate. I am adding 4 small braces to help assure this fact.

A plywood box will protect the piece during shipping.

The top was placed over the piece and fastened to the base.

I use R & L Carriers to ship my work.

It's a bit of a trick to get a big crate into the back of a truck using a crane.

This is a picture of total futility. We couldn't budge the 4,000 lb. crate once it was on the truck, even with a pallet jack under it.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Steve ( the driver ) and I got on the same side and gave it everything we had. It moved. Now, it's on its way to Washington. I will fly out there to meet it and do the installation.

During the last bit of the week, I returned to working on my new sculpture "Reveal". I have begun to carve the intertwining forms around the inlaid marble piece.

The other 2 pieces of marble were inlaid and more of the intertwining forms have been carved.

This was the progress at the end of the week.

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