Saturday, July 1, 2017

"Daydreamer" Functional Sculpture

I'm continuing detail work on the Buffalo commission.  But, it's fast coming to completion and I'm "living with it" to make sure what it might need - if anything... .
 Meanwhile, I've began a new project - to give the old project some time for perspective.  This new project is called "Daydreamer" and it shows someone floating on a cushion of clouds.
 It fit perfect into the first 6 feet of this 10' block of Indiana Limestone.  I split off the 4 extra feet for another project.
 This is the progress after a couple weeks...
 ... and a view of the other side.
 On a personal note, I went to a Rock and Mineral Show in Bedford, IN last weekend.  This piece of Halite from Searles Lake, CA is my favorite acquisition.
The new specimens for my rock collection (such as this Wavellite from Maudlin Mt. in Arkansas) are cool....
but, depending on who you ask, the box they came in is even cooler.

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