Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sculptures... In and Out

This week, I've been busy tidying up 'old business'.
 Monday, Meg and I made the long trek up to Elk Creek Winery that is located south of Owenton, Kentucky.  We used her crane truck to retrieve a sculpture that had been on loan there for about 7 years.
 On the way back, I bought this BEAUTIFUL 4 lb. tray of smoked beef brisket from Bully Barbecue in Buckner, KY.  ( smells and tastes even better than it looks...)
 Wednesday, Meg used her crane truck to take my "Newborn Crescent" back to Bernheim Forest near Clermont, KY.  Bernheim supplied the skid loader and operator to help me unload and set the piece.
 I had added a base that had my signature intertwining forms; in this case, they represent rolling clouds.
 I'll go back and get better pictures when the sun isn't so glaring and the plants mature around it.
...and ending this post with the obligatory wildlife picture: Diversity.... country style.

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