Saturday, December 3, 2016

October and November

October and November had unusually great weather for working outside.  I worked as much as I could... because I know that winter is coming...
 Whenever possible, I worked full days trying to finish my monumental sculpture "Now".
 I'm showing alternate views as I walk around the piece...
 ... and further around...
It's pretty much finished; 9' high by 6' wide by 4' thick and 20,000 lbs.  It took day...after day... after day....  These big sculptures demand such persistence - I thought I'd never finish...
 During the last 2 weeks of November, I made some small pieces - I guess to 'clear my palate' after such a large block of time spent on the big hands.  This "Hummingbird Vessel" is featured on a YouTube video
 It is Indiana Limestone, 16-1/2" in diameter and 5-1/2" high and I've featured it for sale on under DonLawlerSculpture.
 Then, I made this 2 leafed vessel which has a YouTube video  It is also on for sale.
 I made this "Seed Top" garden sculpture which has a YouTube video  It is on under DonLawlerSculpture, too
 ... and the last piece - on Etsy, but no video.
 Here's the back view.
 I didn't go anywhere except to work at the studio for most of October and November.  But, I went over to check out the chainsaw carvers event that Abbie Peterson put together on October 1.  This Bald Eagle was one of my favorite pieces that I saw.  (photo Meg White)
left to right: wood bear, real dog, wood owl   - (similar eyes)
(photo Meg White)

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