Monday, February 8, 2016

The Small Stuff

With the Texas commission finished, I turned my efforts toward some small pieces - a way of "clearing my palate" before heading into the next large project, I guess.
 I started easy with this "Stairway to the Stars" bookend.  When I was making it, I was thinking about it being a monumental piece that someone could walk up.  I may do something like that - you never know...It's Indiana Limestone and measures 7" high by 8" wide by 4" thick and retails for $95.
 ...and speaking of stars...I did this "Shooting Star" vessel in a piece of Brazilian Marble.  It measures 20" long by 7" wide by 3-1/2" high and retails for $340.
 Then, I made a "Windswept Vase" in Indiana Limestone that will retail for $280.
 This is the view from the other side...  It measures 7" high by 7" deep by 16" wide.
 ...and the top view showing the complex interior.
 It's snowing again today...and freezing temperatures are here to stay for a few days yet (and more snow to come).
A crowd of Cardinals took over the feed table today.  I count 30, but there may be more as the females are hard to see.

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