Sunday, October 18, 2015

City of Owensboro to Acquire Sculptures

It's official...
 ...The City of Owensboro is going to acquire a sculpture from both Meg and myself.  My sculpture (shown above) is entitled "Oberon" and it is scheduled for installation by the end of November.  Meg's sculpture, entitled "Escape", will probably be featured on her blog soon.
 This week's efforts were focused on finishing this 2 foot high Dragon Head in Indiana Limestone.
 "Why a dragon?", you ask. Because it's a symbol for powerful creative energy. 
 I find it strange how so many cultures around the world have come up with the same mythical creature.  For something that never existed, why is it showing up in the imagination of so many people in different places and different time periods?
 It can't be denied, I just had loads of fun doing this thing.  I like walking out and seeing it in the lawn.
This rough computer rendition shows potential plans for adding two wings and a tail.  I envision the Dragon as coming up out of a "dry landscape" of raked pebbles, perhaps in a vortex pattern.  Now that I see this idea translated from thought to image, I can see how it resembles a Viking long boat - or even what they call a boat burial, where stones create the outline of a boat for burial on land.  This seems to be a pattern; I create artwork that resembles that of my Celtic ancestry.  Coincidence... or racial memory?

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