Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yew Dell Load In

After coming home from Meg's sculpture installation in Alaska, we had to hit the ground running to have everything ready for the 8th Annual Yew Dell Outdoor Sculpture Show.
 On Thursday August 20, we rented a 24' diesel flat bed truck from Thrifty Truck Rental in Louisville.  It was past dark before we'd finished loading it using my crane truck.
 Early the next morning, we had a 23 ton crane from JBB show up to load the pieces that were to heavy for my truck.  We have our favorite crane operator, Derrick Sheroan, back on the controls.
 The first piece to hit the ground at Yew Dell was my life-size stone figure "Testing the Waters".
 We set a contemporary stone trough and then this "Bubble Bench".
 My "River Boat Bench" was 1 of 4 'Top Picks' by the jury.  It sold at the opening.
 "Leafy Bench" was the last of my 5 pieces to get set in the gardens.
 Next, we installed Meg's "Cougar and Fawn".
 Meg's "Flight" was also 1 of 4 'Top Picks' by the jury.
...and the last piece to get installed was Meg's "Leda and the Swan".
(All photos Meg White 2015)

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