Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Birthdays

In the past, I'd usually go on some adventure for my birthday...
or go up to see my old college room mate, Tom Mitts, whose birthday is the day after mine.
 This year, Tom came down to my place.  Meg snapped this picture from the top of her caboose.
 Paul Breslin (another college friend), his wife Maggie and daughter Sarah, Sarah's friend Olivia and her mom, Wendy also showed up.  It's hard for me to not go on some type of outdoor adventure on my birthday.  So, we loaded up in my pick-up to explore Flint Run in the Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area.
 Every discovery is worth sharing.
 Sarah and her best friend Olivia found a deep pool behind a beaver dam.
 What do I do on my birthday?  Go and jump in a creek.
 Wendy (Olivia's mom) is catching crawdads.
 The gang heads back to my place, looking for pretty rocks as we go.
Tom made this drawing while he was here.  (Which reminds me...time for me to get back to work...)
All photos Meg White 2015

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