Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Cold ...and More Cold

I've had a cold;  I spent Christmas eve and Christmas flat on my back, blowing my nose and staring at the ceiling.  Between being sick and the incredibly cold temperatures that have moved into the region, I haven't been in the stone studio for almost a month.
 It's official... I've received a private commission to create a hand sculpture from this granite preform that's been hanging around the studio for a couple years.  It will be sited in Cave Hill Cemetery as the central feature for a family memorial.
 Meg gave me a box set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for Christmas.  I had a dream after reading about the adventures with Tom Bombadil.  This drawing is based on Tom's "significant other", Goldberry, as what I saw in that dream.
 I made a 1/8 scale clay model to work out the composition in 3D.
 Then, I made this life-sized clay model for working out the head portion of the sculpture.  I'm considering the idea of buying a quarry block to carve the design life-size.  we'll see....

 The 'Literate' Mermaid? (...just goofing on a snow day...)
Speaking of Literature...Meg's sculpture "Awaking Muse" was recently featured in the newest novel by Paulette Oakes.  We both got mention in the dedication.  I love the cover illustration by Stephen J. Catizone! This book is a fantasy / romance that brings the stone sculpture in Schaumburg, Illinois to life.  It was made by 2 "Halfling Elves"...(I've been called worse...).

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