Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finalist for a Lexington Public Art Opportunity

I haven't posted in a while because we have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY !!! The most important news is that I have been chosen as 1 of 5 finalists to be paid $2,000.00 to develop a site-specific proposal for Lexington's Eco Art Program.  There were 118 applicants to the open national call that were screened to a 'short list' of 16 before selecting the 5 finalist.  I'll post more as information becomes available.
 Last Wednesday, we had a 23 ton crane come from JBB, Inc. of Hardinsburg to roll over the leg for Meg's Discovery commission.
 We also moved the dome from over the 2 arms - getting ready for the load out.
 While the crane was here, we had Dereck stand up a quarry block for me. 
 Out standing in her field - one of my stone sculptures watches as we set a 6,000 lb. cubic meter of Spanish Dendritic Marble.
 I'm creating an installation from several stone components.
 The blue granite hand will get a square limestone base under it.  Meg suggested that I put a small tree rising from the palm - I think that's a great idea!
 The next day, we took the afternoon off and drove to Bernheim Arboretum.  We wanted to see the finished installation of Matt Weir's "Earth Measure"  The large square element with the circular opening is 14' x 14' x 2-1/2'!
The Indiana Limestone is very "Touchable".  Matt has employed his usual 5 star craftsmanship.  This triangular form employs the 'whispering dish' technology of focusing sound in the parabolas.
This is another view...great job, Matt.
Meanwhile, back at the studio...Calico Cat meets Pole Cat. (all photos copyright 2013 Meg White)


Latelle said...

Rock on!

don lawler said...

always great to hear from you, Latelle!

artistatexit0 said...

I'm in awe Don about making art so big and heavy that you need a crane to move it around! Sorry to have missed Matt's opening, but the day job wouldn't allow it. Can't wait to see it though.

don lawler said...

We couldn't make the opening or his party out at Bernheim - Meg's deadline is too close and pressing. We made it out when we were forced to lose half a day because of rain.