Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kentucky Winter: Cold, Dark & Wet

The weather has been miserable for the last two weeks. It's been either sub-freezing or cold and raining. I'm through with the winter; but, it's not through with me.
Half of the time, I've been working on two proposals inside, where it's warm. But, I've also managed to make some progress on the River Boat Bench. I started forming the 'river currents' with a 4" grinder and a diamond blade.
Then, I carved some of the cubic shapes on the top of the bench.
I continued on around the sculpture, forming in the currents with a grinder.
I refined the currents with a die grinder that had a mounted stone point. Then, I began to texture the currents with an Italian-made forked chisel.
I continued around the front of the piece; refining forms as I went.
This is the current progress on side A...
...and the status of side B.
"Yum...Crunch block on a snowy day!" At first, the deer were afraid of the new treat; instinctively, they were unprepared for food to suddenly show up in the shape of a compressed cube. It didn't look like food...but, it smelled like food. If in doubt, follow your snout!

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