Sunday, September 30, 2012

Urbana - Champaign, Illinois Installation

Things have been a little "hectic" lately, so I'm having to retrace my steps and try to catch up with what has happened recently.
September 6, I rented this flat bed truck from Thrifty Truck Rental in Louisville. I had a functional sculpture accepted into a 2 year temporary show sponsored by the Public Art League of Urbana and the Urbana Public Arts commission. I loaded "Ripples" onto the back and drove 300 miles to Urbana - Champaign, Illinois.
I arrived at 1 Main Street, Champaign, Illinois, early the next morning to scope out the site. I found this old granite and limestone well that had been recently restored and moved to this very central location.
My site was in the center of this central location; between this sculpture "Entrance" by Barry Tinsley...
...and this sculpture "Pointless" by Gail Simpson.
At the appointed hour, a crew from a local contractor (provided by the City) showed up with a large Cat forklift. These guys were so good that I had to run to keep up. The installation was over in a flash! I wish that every installation was so quick and smooth.
This is the front view of my functional sculpture in its new home...
...and this is the back view.
As I made the 300 mile trip back to home, I saw these 3 wind generator blades at a truck stop when I refueled. The scale of these propellor blades is incredible. I also passed some going up the road. I see windmill parts every time that I go out on the highway. I love it!

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