Sunday, September 18, 2011


The main effort this week was packing clay onto the leaf armatures on the Tree of Life commission.

My original thought was to finish the branches and roots first, but I couldn't resist forming up leaves.

At this point, I've gotten into the 'groove' of making leaf pre-forms. (I'm dreaming about making leaves, while I sleep).

This is how the sculpture looked at the end of this week. All but a few leaves on the back side have been roughed in.

Friday evening, we went over to the Watertower location of the Louisville Visual Art Association.

I had promised Craig Sherman, a long-time friend and collector of my work, that I'd donate a piece to this year's art auction.

Then, it was over to Bellarmine College's art gallery to see the opening of Al Goreman and Scott Scarboro. Coincidentally, Al (who is back-to-back with his styrofoam guy) was exhibition currator at the Watertower for over 10 years. He and Scott filled the gallery space with form and color!

Saturday night, we were back in Louisville at the Bourbon's Bistro on Frankfort Avenue.

It was the 50th birthday celebration of our neighbor (and very good friend), Steve McMillen.

Steve likes coke.

Steve likes M&M's (well...anything with chocolate).

Meg and I spent most of our Saturday on this plaque for Steve and Alice's home that is on top of the cliffs behind our house. Making this plaque reaffirmed our position for not wanting to do hand lay-out and lettering. (It's not as easy as it looks, folks).
(all photos on this post copyright Meg White)

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